Vero Gonzalez

Based in Santiago, Chile and Bogota Colombia, South American artist Vero Gonzalez to explore repetition and pattern in nature through media that play with the boundaries of textile art, printmaking, and sculpture. Her 'Oak and Feather Series' currently featured at MiXX uses hand-dyed silk, cut into hundreds of repetitive leaf and feather forms, to mimic and expand on the layered patterns and spiraling fractals that occur in nature. Referencing her studies of German Romanticism, Naturalism and Colombian textile traditions, Gonzalez conceptually elicits a meditative dream realm wherein formal elements create an emotive and alluring landscape of the symbolic. While her subject matter is continually changing and evolving, craftsmanship and dedication to her vision are constants at the heart of her work and artist practice.

"My work is a celebration of nature itself. I aim to create projects that inspire, connect and touch in an emotional way, taking the viewer on a journey through different ethereal, botanical and peaceful landscapes."

Available Works