Current Exhibition

Mystic Peaks

Vanessa Valero • Adam Young • Meredith Nemirov • Landry McMeans

Our June '24 group show features atmospheric landscapes from Meredith Nemirov, Landry McMeans, and Vanessa Valero. Longtime MiXX artist Meredith Nemirov brings her intimate Tree Survey, a series of small original works paired with hand-colored antique prints. Alongside that, we're also showcasing her new large scale paintings of mountain watersheds, traveling from source to delta under moonlit skies. We’ll also be debuting work from new artist Landry McMeans. McMeans’ limited edition stencil prints are rich with saturated hues, illustrating the vibrant, secret life that lies waiting in her dusty desert landscapes. Finally, we’re showcasing work from another new addition to our roster, textile artist Vanessa Valero. In her hand-tufted wall tapestries, Valero utilizes the linear structure of her substrate to achieve nuanced, shifting color palettes that embody the half-shrouded splendor of mountain peaks emerging through the mist.

Upcoming Exhibitions

Today is the Greatest

Melissa Loop • Carolynn Haydu • Luis Bivar

This July, our group show, Today is the Greatest features work by Melissa Loop, Carolyn Haydu, and Luis Bivar. Borrowed from the title of one of Loop’s featured works,Today is the Greatestis a celebration of joy and optimism, centered visually around lush palettes and imagery inspired by nature. Loop’s painterly acrylics on canvas depict vibrant tableaus whose colorful idiosyncrasies make them feel somehow more, and not less real. Employing his signature style of dense, maximalist collage work, Bivar crafts dreamlike forests that, despite their inherent surreality, feel as though they could be walked right into. And in an art form all her own, Haydu cuts and collages hand-painted paper into richly textured, three-dimensional abstracts that conjure impressions of landscape and experiences of place.

MiXX at Artsy Foundations: Summer 2024

Jodie Fletcher • Melissa Loop • Carolynn Haydu

Launching July 23rd, 2024

  • Optiks

    Sheila Giolitti • Marco Grassi Grama • Ingrid Matthews • Nikolaos Schizas

    March 7th – April 8th, 2024

  • Confetti Western

    Mitch McGee • Geoffrey Gersten • Mark Andrew Allen • David Kommerziell

    February 1st – March 5th, 2024

  • MiXX at Artsy Foundations: Winter 2024

    Anna Kalachyan • Jodie Fletcher • Joanna Pilarczyk

    January 22nd – February 14th, 2024

  • Rattlesnake Kate

    Ouida Touchon • Brenda Bogart • Julia Lucey • Meredith Nemirov

    November 20th, 2023 – January 3rd, 2024