Jodie Fletcher

A graduate of Ottowa’s Carleton University School of Industrial Design, Jodie Fletcher’s fine art practice has roots in design. Using pattern and color to reinterpret the natural and man-made world, Fletcher’s multi-media works are constructed from painted strips of canvas, stretched and woven into intricate patterns over hand-made maple frames. Her design background is evident in her craftsmanship and attention to detail – like the contrasting colors carefully painted along the millimeters-thick edges of the canvas strips. The push and pull between art design is manifested in her work as well, as she explores the balance between organized structure and flexible elements, and straddles the curious and compelling space between painting and sculpture.

“I’m driven by a need to create, to explore and to challenge. For me, art is very personal, introspective and all consuming.  My creative journey will cover many mediums and will delve into different facets of art and design.  My paintings will be informed and enriched by my travels into these different worlds.” 

Available Works