Landry McMeans

Landry McMeans is a full time artist based in Austin, TX with a passion for color and the American West. Purple mountains, neon sunsets, and saguaro cacti have been staple subjects in her work since she first picked up cardboard relief as her primary medium in 2005, however, her primary medium has shifted to printmaking. She now designs large scale and elaborate hand-cut stencil prints.

“My work depicts beauty for the sake of beauty. I am drawn to the "muted psychedelia" of the desert, and I create visual records of desert landscapes and the flora and fauna that need to be remembered and protected. My designs are vibrant, colorful, and serene. My work feels both energetic and restorative. It has what I refer to as a “southwestern pop” aesthetic: clean, hard lines, and bold spot colors. My subjects are iconic images of the places I have been, and the places I long to visit.”

Available Works