Lutz Hornsicher

Lutz Hornischer is an abstract wood artist and sculptor working in the San Francisco Bay Area. He started creating and making art as a child, but like some other early artists he was told to first get a "real job".  After receiving a master’s degree in business and engineering, he worked for many years in entrepreneurial and product design roles for high-tech companies. While helping build and grow companies, develop new products, and design new customer experiences, he always looked for the creative opportunities and artistic expression in his work. Throughout his career, he continued doing art such as sculpting, fresco painting, drawing, and woodcarving. 

Several years ago, his curiosity, his urge to create new things and his interest in experimentation with materials, guided him to pursue a career as an artist. As part of reclaiming his true purpose in mid-life, he felt drawn to work with reclaimed wood and set an intention to bring those discarded materials back to life. He gives the wood a chance for a fresh start and new use - just like in his personal life. He continues to explore the intersection between art and nature in his work, always looking for new ways to re-use natural materials and re-discover old crafts practices.

Available Works