Ouida Touchon

Delta, Colorado based artist Ouida Touchon combines traditional forms of printmaking with painting, collage, and embroidery to synthesize a medium all her own. More than a printmaker or painter, she sees herself more essentially as a maker of images.

Her vibrant reduction woodcuts of women's garments (embellished with text and embroidered accents) capture the souls of their inhabitants, oftentimes based on real women who lived and made legend in the frontier days. In this way, she pays homage to the feminine characters that too frequently go unwritten in popular tales of the Wild West.

"Art is complicated. My own art is a bifurcated passion. One limb is socially conscious narratives about women and what women wear, and the other is a pure addiction to the scintillation of the observed, the beauty I see and then interpret in a graphic response."

Available Works